The best way to predict the future is to invent it — Alan Kay

We are an Indian software company, founded in 2021, with the intention of creating a workspace where we could be happy doing what we like. Based on respect, trust, and achieving quality results, we create a space where collaboration and transparency are intrinsic in everyday life. From these characteristics, we break with the hierarchical structure of organizations. In a horizontal structure and a participatory culture, people are the most important.

Our way of working is based on 3 pillars:

Organizational Structure

<aside> 💡 Many small people in small places, doing small things, they can change the world.


With the horizontal structure, we mean that there is no one over anyone; Everyone has a voice and can give their views on different day-to-day issues.

Decision Making

It sounds crazy to think that nobody tells what to do to anyone, but it is the extreme trust that leads us to be responsible and pull from the same side of the rope. However, we don't always think all the same and we tend to debate a lot about every decision we make. The important thing is that every decision is taken by consent, that is, it is sought that there is no one with concerns or against what is being proposed. This is different from the consensus, where everyone is in agreement, or voting, where there may be people who just don't agree with the proposal.


The recurring question of skeptics is "Does this system scale?", and it is something that we ask ourselves each time a new tribe joins the team. We started with 4 people, and we kept changing and evolving to be able to maintain the same culture all along the way.

Our experience tells us that the keys to sustainable growth are organic expansion, the ability to cope with uncertainty collaboratively, and adapting without losing values.

In relation to our quality pillars, growth is protected by: